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  Welcome To Gana Sahayata Welfare Society

                                                   All Donation will be exempted Under Section –  80G.

The year was 2001.A few professionals working in the field ” MENTAL HEALTH”,”EDUCATION” & “ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN” were drawn together by a common interest to improve Mental Health, Educcation & Sustainable Economic Development by creating awareness especially among women,Child both urban & rural.Professionals were motivated to bring the educational awareness among school students by exploring career guidance,side by side sustainable economic empowerment of women for bringing down the domestic violence. The dynamics involved in its functioning and malfunctioning with deep commitment towards people needing help. The outcome was formation of Gana Sahayata Welfare Society or in it sort GSWS & registered under Societies Registration Act as Non-profit Organisation. The unit was awarded certificate under 12/A & 80G for income tax exemption against subscription & donation.Right from its inception,GSWS strove towards providing quality Mental health services in a friendly and comforting invironment to people of all ages. Its team of experts is well trained in the field of mental health and incorporates the latest psychological testing modalities to identify, locate and deal effectively with dysfunctional problems. Its goal to enhance the quality of life for all its clients as well as for the community which it serves by creating awareness.

Awareness Programmes :- GSWS conducts various capacity building programs for Teachers, Parents professionally on stress management, student guidance,parenting,school environment etc.

Future Plan :-

                          To set up Special and inclusive education for special children.

                         To carry out talent searching program in school set up.

                         Inclusive capacity building programm on parenting.

We required your patronage :-

Donation from any organizations, individuals for Special Education for Special Children will be highly regarded.