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  Our Services & Activities

                                                   All Donation will be exempted Under Section –  80G.

Towards achieving objectives GSWS provides the following services :

Individual Psychotherapy  :

    Reduces the psychiatric problems without the use of medicines.

Pre-marital Counselling :

  Prepares adolescents and youths so that meeting challenges of life become more rewarding and healthy.                           

Marital Counselling  :

  Focuses on relational issues and assists couples to resolve marital conflicts and lead more enjoyable life.  

Family Counselling :

Helps to improve communi-cations within family, assists in the resolution of family conflicts and addresses the management of problematic family members.    

Student Counselling  :

  Helps to reduce all phobia related to school, Study & examination & creates awareness on addiction.  

Career Counselling :

Helps to explore option related to career as per the aptitude of the students.     

Psychological Assessment  :

  Through a wide range of tests measures neuro psychological charac-teristics of an individual which also include current level of intellectual functioning, interests, aptitudes, personality organization and capacity for human relationship.    

Meditation / Relaxation Therapy :

  Meditation/Relaxation Therapy is the only and primary solution to lead the live healthy.